Our Vision

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“A pledge to sustainability, a dedication to authentic and a luxury promise for all”

We are an Australian based designer apparel hire platform, dedicated to revolutionising the means by which clothing is consumed and embraced.

Inspired by a love for quality and a profound appreciation of the powerful impact of fashion freedom, the trio behind High St. Hire merged to pursue a long-term dream of building a revolutionary infinite wardrobe.

High St. Hire is dedicated to making luxury fashion accessible to all women, by creating a wardrobe that is ever-evolving, economical and more environmentally sustainable.

The High St. Hire wardrobe is built to encapsulate the positive movement of fashion; expanding access to quality clothing, embracing the self-empowerment of fashion and minimising the global environmental and ethical impacts of the industry.

Join us on our journey in building a world where all women have access to their very own boundless designer wardrobe and are fearless in embracing the realms of their own personal style – guilt-free.