When establishing High St. Hire we were aware of the reputable harm that the fashion industry imposed environmentally, ethically and socially. In building our fashion exchange model, we were determined to provide a platform that would minimise the significant footprint of fashion yet still allow beautifully crafted clothing to be shared and enjoyed; we entered the circular economy.

Sourcing durable clothing to be loved more than once was a powerful avenue we could explore in making a change to the heavy environmental and social impacts of the industry. This inspired us to create a hire exchange model that would allow our community to embrace their own personal style without the burden and impacts of ownership.


"By renting clothes we can keep them in use for longer, reducing the amount of fashion waste that goes to landfill, and in theory accessing a bigger, fancier, more exciting shared wardrobe – guilt-free."

- Clare Press





"According to WRAP, extending the life of our clothes by just nine months of active use, has the potential to reduce their carbon, water and waste footprint by around 20-30%."

- The Seam Founder, Layla Sargent 



We ensure we only stock Australian and international designers that abide by strict code of conduct & health and safety conditions of their makers and throughout their entire production process. We purchase suitable pieces from design samples, archives and customers to avoid fashion waste going to landfill. We ensure we only offer durable, timeless and well curated styles that can tackle seasonal trends and work for all wardrobes overtime.

If a garment is damaged, we fix it. Our alteration team is all about extending the life of our unique High St. Hire pieces and will do anything to lengthen it’s wearability.

We are forever learning and investigating the never-ending ways to be more sustainable each and every day through the way we purchase timeless and high quality clothing to how we approach responsible dry cleaning and packaging. Let’s make a difference together.