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Our vision

Welcome to Our World

“A pledge to sustainability, a dedication to the authentic and a luxury promise for all” 


We are an Australian based designer hire platform, dedicated to revolutionising the means by which clothing is consumed and embraced. Inspired by a love for quality and a profound appreciation of the powerful impact of fashion freedom, the trio behind High St. Hire merged to pursue a long-term dream of building a revolutionary infinite wardrobe.

The High St. Hire wardrobe is built with the values of access-over-ownership and say a big no to disposable fashion. We are dedicated to making luxury fashion accessible to all women, by creating a wardrobe that is ever-evolving, economical and more environmentally sustainable. 

Join us on our circular journey in building a world where all women have access to their very own boundless designer wardrobe and are fearless in embracing the realms of their own personal style – guilt-free.  What’s not to love?

Our Mission 

“Giving life to a sartorial language of self-expression”

Entrenched in our team’s core is the dedication to evolving the relationship consumers have with clothing, globally.  We stand for empowering women to be the best version of themselves and utilise the tool of styling as a medium of self-expression and transformation.

We believe that fashion has powerful mood enhancing benefits; a woman’s clothing can impact the way she feels about herself, and in turn how she performs in her personal and professional life. We want to be there to compliment women as they rise to higher echelons in their lives, no matter what stage this may be.

High St. Hire aims to make luxury fashion accessible to all women, irrespective of their budget, as we believe all women deserve to discover their desired aesthetic and feel empowered in their daily lives by their fashion choices.

Walk A Little Lighter 

“Built to last”


Did you know Australians send approximately 85% of textiles to landfills every year, making us the second largest consumer of new textiles in the world.

This impacts the environment gravely as the clothing and textiles industry continues to deplete non-renewable resources, emit huge quantities of greenhouse gases and use large quantities of energy, chemicals and water. High St. Hire aims to alleviate the harm imposed on the environment by the clothing and textiles industry by advocating a shift towards a sustainable fashion exchange model.

Collaborative consumption of clothing allows women to re-purpose mutually loved items of clothing; reducing the demand for fast fashion and propelling the shift towards quality not quantity in consumer buying habits. Lets save the planet together, one hire at a time!

Our Difference


Bricks & Mortar
High St. recognises and understands the long-evolving power of personalised shopping. As well as providing our shoppers with an online virtual wardrobe platform, we have a Sydney boutique you can visit. The boutique allows for in store try on and styling advice, face-to-face brand support, and the opportunity to physically inspect designer options before hiring. 


Up-to-the Minute Trends 
Our buying team at High St. Hire is highly focused on keeping pace with rapidly changing fashion trends, and the latest sought-after looks of the season. Our buyers keep a close watch on how fashion is evolving and will continuously add new collections and styles to our collection.


Australian and International Designers
We are actively scouting new and upcoming Australian and International talent. We aim to showcase the latest in trends from designers all over the world; being the first to bring them to the doorstep of Australian luxury consumers through an affordable channel.

Our Promise To You


Your Voice Counts  

We want our wardrobe to evolve with you. Our buying team at High St. Hire is unconditionally receptive to feedback on designers or particular styles that you’d like to see added to our growing collection. Please contact us and share your designer wish-list to help us continue to build your dream wardrobe.