Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Out of time? Out of ideas? Let them choose. Treat your loved one(s) with an instant High St. Hire E-Gift Card delivered straight to your inbox - because we want to make gifting and dressing easier.

How It Works

Purchase E-Gift

Choose the value of the E-Gift Card from as little as $50 and securely complete payment - it's that simple.

You've Got Mail

The purchaser will receive their E-Gift Card on the date of purchase with a unique code inside. Forward this to the lucky recipient who will have up to 3 years from the date of purchase to use the E-Gift Card online or in store to pick from endless styles - all thanks to you!

Enter Unique Code

To redeem the E-Gift Card, simply head to the checkout page and apply your unique code for a special treat. Please note, E-Gift Cards have no additional processing fees and can be redeemed online.

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They're Going To Love You

A taste of the future

Your friend/loved one(s) can be a part of building a guilt-free wardrobe. Rental reduces the amount of fashion waste that goes to landfill along with accessing a bigger, fancier and more exciting wardrobe. Why buy one designer dress, when you can enjoy a number of designer pieces for a fraction of the retail price.

The easy way to dress

High St. Hire is all about convenience. We ensure the selected piece(s) arrive within a speedy timeframe with dry cleaning taken care of so she can look and feel amazing at the event.

Wardrobe flexibility

A rental designer wardrobe means absolute fashion freedom. Your friend/loved one(s) can explore colour, silhouettes and trends irrespective of their budget and without the burden of ownership. Say goodbye to an inflexible wardrobe, and hello to an endless access to designer options.

Feel empowered

Your friend/love one(s) will have the opportunity to embrace trends and explore all avenues of style to discover the best version of themselves - and we're here to help. Book in a complimentary style session for the both of you and gain expert style assistance on building your very own dream wardrobe.